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Cigarette Burial

Hey, long time no post... Hahahaha, I was really busy with some other stuff and acquiring other new skills as well, in fact I'm still doing it, but before this year ends, I've decided to make a new post (and the last for this year).

This photo I made these days to "celebrate" the fact that right now, it's being 5 years since I stopped smoking (and some days, since I stopped on 25th december 2013), that "new year, new me" kinda thing. And I'm not judging anyone in here, just sharing my little story. But if it inspires you to stop as well, it'll be good too!

Anyway, I hope y'all a happy new year, a new year to you enjoy and have a lot of prosperity and success! See you next year! (Duh, it's only in a few days... LOL).