Short tutorial on how to create a brush for painting fur

Untitled photo

1 - You can see on the image on the left the achieved result (quick job made) on a black square as example.

2 - Copy this image, open the PS and paste it into a new document.

3 - Using the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M), make a square selection surrounding the dots, leave some blank extra space between the dots and the selection border.

4 - Press C on keyboard or click on the Crop Tool (C), it'll change your selection into a crop, press ENTER to confirm the crop area and ENTER again to crop it.

5 - Go to EDIT > DEFINE BRUSH PRESET, give it a name (whatever you want) and press OK to confirm.

6 - Done, if you wanna give it a try, make a new document, create a square or circular selection (any shape you want), fill it with any color you want, press CMD/CTRL+D to deselect, choose the Smudge Tool, right click on the document, on the pop up window, scroll down till the end and choose the brush you've create and named it. After that, you can click and drag on the borders of the shape you've created.

7 - Have fun and stay tuned, on the near future I'll be posting some quick tips like this one.

Clique aqui para ver em português!

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