About Me - EvilWata Imagery

Hi, my name is Alexandre Watanabe, I'm a self-taugh conceptual photographer who loves to do some still life and fine art photography, and happens to do some product, portraits photography and sometimes landscapes. I'm also a digital artist and retoucher.

Welcome to my page EvilWata Imagery, if you want to know why it's "imagery" instead of "photography", the reason is pretty simple, I don't just take photos, I create images. My personal goal with photography is the show the beauty of everything using and shaping light and if needed, photo manipulation, or create imagery that shows some concept or emotions, be it mine or from my clients.

If you have some product, personal history, emotion or whatever it is that you want to be represented as an image (photo), let me help you to bring your imagination to life, or in this case, as an image (photo). We can work together to make it happens.

I'm based on Brazil, interior of Sao Paulo... But I'm willing to travel for work (or fun).

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